LinkedIn is a goldmine for real estate leads. With an insane lead conversion rate of 2.74% (Hubspot), it is 3 times higher than Twitter and Facebook! 

The platform is designed for business, but it’s way more than a place to put your resume and networking. When someone visits LinkedIn, they are most likely in a business-focused mindset. So when used right, you can reach the right audience for quality leads that will really boost the growth of your business. Afterall, people are people! The professionals you find on LinkedIn might happen to be looking for homes for their family, or will eventually be interested in buying a property at some point. So it’s best to get them to know about you now.

Hubspot LinkedIn lead conversion rates

So here are some smart ways to increase your visibility on LinkedIn and get those quality leads! 

1. Polish your profile

Every potential client will check out your profile no matter where or how they found out about you. It’s basically a virtual first impression, so make sure you show the world a grand picture of who you are and what you do. 

  • Is it up to date?
  • Are your professional experiences relevant?
  • Do you have a great and clear headshot?
  • Be multidimensional - show off any volunteering experience, hobbies, interests and such!

2. Use hashtags in your profile

As with any social media platform, hashtags are essential in helping relevant audiences see what you’re writing and sharing. But hashtags are not limited to posts, you can put them straight in your profile introduction too!

3. Connect with community influencers

Other than agents and property-related professionals, start looking for new and valuable relationships. Connect to community influencers! Try local thought-leaders, nonprofit boards, and C-suite execs. Remember not to “request bomb” people, though. Spend only a few minutes every day selecting, and send a short personal message when you’re requesting to introduce yourself. 

4. Join interesting groups

This is not just to grow your network and get leads, but will help you market more effectively to them. You can get insights on the lifestyles, interests and habits of your target market. Consider not only professional groups but more recreational ones too! Yoga groups, bloggers, pop-culture enthusiasts, there’s probably a Linkedin group for it somewhere.

5. Engage meaningfully with your network

Sharing and liking isn’t enough – engagement is a two-way street. Give back to your LinkedIn community by reaching out to comment and celebrate your connections' accomplishments! Show what kind of professional you are by congratulating them for any professional news, anniversaries and other milestones you see. 

6. Share relevant and quality content

Show leads that you are a person others depend on for helpful, relevant, compelling content in your area of expertise. If you’re just starting to build your presence, focus on posting and sharing high-quality articles and videos that will interest and inform your audience. Remember that what you share is an extension of your brand, so make sure it’s from a respectable and trusted source.

7. Create content around trending topics

Boost your visibility by creating your own article content. Most people on LinkedIn never post anything, so if you regularly post content and use good hashtags, more people are likely to see and engage with it. Take a look at the LinkedIn News Feed – there may not be many property-related topics, but you can always use news and trends to craft a post that’s timely and relevant to your audience. Another great idea is creating a short 30 second video intro about yourself!

8. Upgrade to LinkedIn Premium

Among LinkedIn users who view  your profile, some may be excellent leads. But a normal Linked account will only let you see the amount of people who have viewed your profile, not who these people are. Upgrading to LinkedIn Premium gives you the ability to see who has viewed your profile in the past 90 days. You can then select and follow up with any to create hot leads.

Other LinkedIn Premium features include the InMail platform, unlimited people searches, competitor data, industry news, and analytics. And all of these are powerful tools for marketing strategies. 

9. Dedicate time every day

LinkedIn gives you all the tools you need to expand your audience, network and establish your brand. But optimal lead generation can only happen when you follow the above steps regularly. As they say, consistency is key so try dedicating 20-30 minutes a day to grow on LinkedIn. Get those hot leads coming in!

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