Homebuyers are increasingly looking for good CSR practices when looking for property. 

Short for Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR is when a business operates in an ethical and sustainable way to create positive impacts on social, economic and environmental issues. This includes reducing non-recyclable company waste, volunteering and donating, and other initiatives to boost employee bonds and morale.

But it’s not just about human rights or good environmental practices – that’s just following the law. It’s businesses that go that extra mile who really shine. 

Customers like it when brands and businesses are aligned with their personal beliefs and values. So when you’re pitching your agency’s services or talking about the developer of a project your customer is interested in, show that the company/s are concerned about the impact of their business in society rather than just sales. 

In short, pitching good CSR engagement as a unique selling point (USP) helps with:

- Brand recognition

- Business reputation

Basically, your clients will be more comfortable and trusting! They’ll feel more rewarding working with you, and even more likely to buy a home if they know the developer practices good CSR.

So if you and your agency have partnered with a charity in some form, made an investment towards a particular social cause, or hosted public workshops, use it as a selling point towards your prospects! And if you’re selling a home and know the developer has good CSR engagement, let your prospects know.

Here’s a great article by PropertyGuru on 4 Malaysian Developers who are taking CSR to the next level. You can search up what other developers have been up to as well!

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